Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Project

The lack of recent scrapping posts indicates I've been swamped with something.. and here it is! A good (great, really) friend of mine asked me to do her kid's baby books - a first year book for each of them. That was towards the beginning of November and the goal was to get the first one done in time for Christmas. Well, I didn't quite make it (there are a lot of pictures for a first year!! :), but I did take her a decent sized book of 33 pages and she seemed pleased. Which of course was thrilling for me.

We all know how many pictures there can be of our first baby's first year. So there was plenty of picking and choosing that had to be done before we began, and we've decided we'll go for around 50 pages. I'm thrilled with this decision, because there are so many great pictures, it could easily go on 100. I'm sure some of you who scrap ALL your kid's pictures have book upon book like this. But doing a commission book requires some limits, right? So I'm learning a lot about these limits and how this works.

Here are some of the pages. Yay!!
(You may notice some blank areas... there are some spots open for journaling for the fabulous mommy to add her 2cents! :)

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  1. You did a terrific job on the book! Love your style!


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