Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Look

Bear with me - I want to get this right. So there may be some changes. But hopefully then I can commit to them and this place will look the same for a while. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sophia's Card

Here are some pictures of a card that my budding artist, Sophia, made for her G'pa! She took the photos of the card too! Isn't she great?! :)

Sophie creates her own designs. Sometimes she asks me for help, but usually she won't let me tell her how to do anything! :) She loves this stuff. I wonder where she got that?

wedding card

Wedding Card using Close to My Heart stamp

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cards for Guys

A couple of months ago I decided to go into the card making business. I have made a number of wedding invitations over the years and occasionally throw together a card, but nothing was official. So now that people are asking for specific cards, it's not just girly stuff. :) What about graduation cards for boys? What about a birthday card for my uncle? So here's a few examples of what I've come up with so far. Drop me a link if you have other good card ideas that won't get an eye roll from the husband.

A high school graduation card for my cousin.

Happy 60th!

Spring Baby

The first official post of my work! This is one of my favorite pages I've made lately. Probably b/c my baby girl on the page is already 2, and she's soo sweet here! She might even be less than a month. (Am I the only one who labels a page and then thinks, wait a minute...) Anyway, this was a product of a late night scrapping with Christine whose input helped to lead to this result! Thanks, friend!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A New Blog

This is a brand new blog for me. I have a few others, but I've decided it's time to go public with my papercrafting. It's a big deal for me and my insecurities, but we're taking the leap.

One reason I've been insecure, is because my pages tend to be more simple than many I see. I am amazed at what people can do with their pages, but I like a clean and simple look. And until quite recently, I didn't realize that there is a community out there of people who also share this approach.

So I'm excited about becoming a part of this community and sharing my minimalist approach with the world. I hope it can be an inspiration to papercrafters, new and old. If you are reading and there are no samples of my work yet, please come back and visit in a few days! I will be uploading sometime tonight!