Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Love Chipboard Album

This summer my Aunt Colleen turned 60. I was commissioned by Aunt Kay to create a book for her celebrating all things Colleen. What a privilege. My aunt is amazing. She has overcome so much and remains a loving, welcoming, forgiving woman that we can all learn from.

Not sure how I feel about the quality of the pictures here. But I wanted to share some highlights from it. I've been making mini-albums for years. I created mini albums and gift albums long before I started making my own books. But this was my first chipboard album, and I was nervous about it. It was fun to work with a new material - as it usually is!

Mini albums are so fulfilling to me. I love them because it's easy to apply a theme, which gives me more guidance and direction. Making them as gifts gives me added gratification. Some old pictures and meaningful words, and you've really got a gift.

Love it.


  1. Such a fantastic book! I love minis!!! This is such a way to look back on your aunt's life and create a timeless treasure that will be enjoyed for generations to come! I'm sure she LOVED it! I know I do! Fabby!!!!
    kim xXx

  2. Wow what a lovely book and what an honour to have been the one to make it. Beautiful colours, and don't you just love reminising as you use the pictures. Just beautiful.

    Kaye x

  3. Wow-this is really cute! Great job.


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